Spain Road-trip| Your Guide to the Must See Towns in Costa Brava

Car rental: We used the Turo app to rent this Audi for 5-nights. You can find all types of cars for different prices on Turo. This rental costed about $30/day.

Accommodation: We used Airbnb to find apartments close to the center of town in Blanes and Roses. Get $40 OFF your next Airbnb booking PLUS $15 toward an Airbnb experience, if you sign up using my referral link.

Stop 1: Blanes, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

Cala Bona | Blanes, Spain
Terrace view from our Airbnb in Blanes.

Dinner at Sa Lola. The food here is so unique and tasty.


Charming little fishing village and resort, Cala Bona | Blanes, Spain\

Stop 2: Tossa De Mar, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

Platja Gran | Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

From Tossa de Mar, drive about 20-minutes north and you’ll find Cala Futadera..

☀️Down the stairs, over the rocks, and into heaven✨
This is the view before climbing down to Cala Futadera.
You can access the beach by taking the path down the cliff. There are steps to get down to the sea then you can climb over rocks in the water to get to the beach.

Stop 3: Roses, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

✨Driving through the steep windy mountains from Cadaqués 🔙 to Roses.

⛰ Along the mountain roads, there are several places to pull over for viewpoints like this.

Nights by the pier | Roses, Costa Brava
Sunset on the beach, just steps away from our Airbnb.

Drinks, tapas, and beach views at Hotel Ramblamar.

Stop 4: Cadaqués, Catalonia

Fun fact.. Salvador Dali chose to build his home here in Cadaqués! You’ll want to check out the Salvador Dalí House while you’re here.

✨Dare to experience the sound of the sea✨
Cadaqués has something that many coastal towns do not. Although it is a popular tourist destination, they don’t compromise the traditional look of the town for its tourism. You won’t find big hotels or buildings here. They maintain their traditional and classic look full of culture and art.

If you’re driving to Cadaqués, head to Avenue de Salvador Dali for free parking 🚘 From here, you can easily walk to the many beaches with panoramic views of Cadaqués.

Catch this exact view from Platja de Poal.

Stop 5: Girona, Catalonia

-Views from Onyar River-
In the charming city of Girona, there are many bridges that span over this river, which runs through the center of town. You can catch this exact view from Eiffel bridge.

Try traditional Galician food at Xantar Bar in Girona.

Stop 6: Pals, Catalonia

🌀Travel back to the Middle Ages wandering through the narrow streets of Pals.
Pals is one of the first medieval villages to exist on Costa Brava. It is the most visited and best preserved historical site here. Definitely worth a visit!

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