An Easy Way to Work Remotely, No Degree Required

Finding a remote job isn’t always easy but getting TEFL certified is an easy way to qualify for a remote job teaching English online.

What is TEFL? TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language.” You will be certified to teach English to speakers of other languages. AND you are not required to be fluent in their native language. TEFL’s method is to teach students English, using ONLY English. It’s incredibly effective compared to traditional language teaching methods.

After plenty of research, I chose to get certified with International TEFL Academy (ITA). In just 4-weeks, you can receive a certification in TEFL and teach almost anywhere in the world. NO teaching experience is required. All you need is your English speaking skills. You can get certified online from the comfort of your home or join one of their many in-person courses, like I did in Barcelona with International TEFL Academy.

🌎 ITA is the best academy out there, with thousands of trainees teaching English abroad in 80 different countries! From day 1 of the course, I knew I made the right decision.

Click HERE to receive a FREE TEFL brochure and speak with an advisor!

If you enroll using this link, you will also receive a FREE copy of the textbook needed for your TEFL class (originally $45 USD!)

6 online schools you can teach for, no degree required

Lingoda offers small group classes for adult students. Classes are taught via zoom and teachers must have at least a C2 level of the language they choose to teach.

iTalki has an expansive community of students from all over the world. You can join as a Professional Teacher or Community Tutor.

SkimaTalk offers students 1-to-1 private language classes via Skype. Teachers can be creative with their own teaching materials or use SkimaTalk’s courses during lessons.

iTutor Group connects teachers with students in Asia. Students are between 5-18 years old and all lesson materials are provided.

With Amazing Talker, you can teach a language of your choice to children or adults from all over the world! Set your own schedule and create your own lesson plans AND set your own prices.

Cambly’s platform connects you with adults from all over the world who want to convere and develop their English speaking skills. Simply login and start chatting whenever you want. There are NO requirements to teach with Cambly – All you need is good internet connection.

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